Unavoidable Axiom

Download all the files of CD "A Free Mind's Land" as one Zip File

This is one of my strongest CDs. Many songs use the generative sequencer that have little "repeating" aspects except for something one would hear in baroque music. There is a pattern repeating but it's not always the same notes, there is a lot of modulation.

The first piece is a little on the dissonant and minimalist side, but one has to hear it to be prepared for the delicateness of many of the other works on this album. I don't believe in catering to the ignorant in my music, and I believe in being uncomprimising. I have composed many pleasant songs that anyone can enjoy, regardless of sophistication in musical taste. But I do not have to start out every CD with such a piece, to not frighten away timid listeners. This CD starts with probably the most difficult piece in the collection.

This album was done almost entirely on the single keyboard Casio 1000P with no overdubbing. There are a few minor synthesizer sounds in "The Little Ocean Skipper" which are the only use of a synthesizer on the album.

Most of my music, about 99%, is done with no overdubbing, that is, a single recording of a live performance.

01 Sounds of Ultimate Truth
02 Unavoidable Axiom
03 Desert Highway Cluster
05 On the Model Theory of Knowledge A
05 On the Model Theory of Knowledge B
06 Constitutive Logic.mp3
07 Divine Will, Unfathomable
08 Metals in Water 1
09 Metals in Water 2
10 Wedding at Canaan
11 He Who He Loves He Chastises
12 Hermetic Highlights
13 Rock Water
14 Current Mainline Conditions
15 The Little Ocean Skipper

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