Songs from the CD "Luck of Innocent Auras" by Robert Scott Pearson

This CD has a few of my best works and a few works that are lesser works. The suite is just a collection of sketches and needs to be re-worked. It does have a few lyrical passages that I believe are nice.

Download all the files of CD "Luck of Innocent Auras" as one Zip File

01 Expansion of Time
02 Our Flying Planet
03 Blue, White, Red, and Yellow Painting
04 Charles Dickens Morals
05 Fish Heaven Part One
06 Fish Heaven Part Two
07 Civilian Defense
08 Morning in the Life of a Yellow Flicker
09 For Breath to be Deep it Must be the Focus
10 Fragments from the Alchemical Fountain
11 God Sees the Diatoms
12 Green Hornet Universe
13 Luck of Innocent Auras
14 Everything Mental Ballet
15 Abbott and Costello Hijack a Spaceship
16 My War Better than Your War
17 Outdoor's Foundations
18 Rare Book Room
19 To Rocket Heights
20 Hallway of Many Doors Part One
21 Hallway of Many Doors Part Two
22 Hallway of Many Doors Part Three
23 Hallway with Many Doors Part Four
24 Hallway with Many Doors Part Five
25 Hallway with Many Doors Part Six

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