Songs from the CD "Joseph Cornell's Television Show" by Robert Scott Pearson

This one has some good songs along with some "filler." It was compiled at a time when I just started to get some momentum in backing up my audio tapes to digital form. If I was to do it again, I would cut out a few tracks.

There are some tracks on here that are very distorted, which isn't saying much new when you hear many of my older CD's. That is because I lost many of the master tapes and what you hear on some recordings are sometimes third generation. Ocassionally, levels were not set correctly and so the piece is even more distorted.

Download all the files of CD "Joseph Cornell's Television Show" as one Zip File

Essence Deposit Future Tense
Blues_Man from Another Planet
Birds with Ripples
Unknown Structures
Law_of Juxtapositions No. 2
Vibrato Runs
Envisioning Ahead
Mobile Automatic Hinges
Fragments of a Future Dance
Mystic Nocturnal Orinthology
A Beauty You've Seen That I Have Not
Bay Suite
The Old Lake
Tremelo Elegy
Joseph Cornell's Television Show

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