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Songs from the CD "Eleven London Bridges" by Robert Scott Pearson

This is the description:

Eleven London Bridges is one of the pivotal albums by the experimental electronic keyboard artist R.S. Pearson. The artist earned his first synthesizer at the early age of 12, mowing yards and delivering papers, and so he already had over 25 years of synthesizer experience when recording this album. His music is unlike other synthesizer artists who often try to achieve a sound similar to their heroes. The music has a classical feel at the same time as having an experimental sound. In fusing the two together, is it not unpleasant to listen to like much experimental music. This album has his long work Saturn Hula-Hoping Its Rings which uses many unique synthesizer sounds and textures. The sound has an exotic and sparkling quality to it. As well as being a composer and synthesizer artist, Pearson is a theorist and the founder and designer of ParaMind Brainstorming Software, which is a computer program that allows "the exhaustion of the interactions of words, coming up with every idea possible." He's also a poet and he says that his music helps his writing and his writing helps his music. The title and cover art are a humorous play on the song lyric, "London Bridge is Falling Down."


Blissed Afternoon
Saturn Hula Hooping Its Rings 1
Saturn Hula Hooping Its Rings 2
Saturn Hula Hooping Its Rings 3
Saturn Hula Hooping Its Rings 4
Saturn Hula Hooping Its Rings 5
Saturn Hula Hooping Its Rings 6
Saturn Hula Hooping Its Rings 7
Accumulation of Conscious Stillness
World’s Tiled Fountain
Ducks Coming to Me on a Pond
Happier Sketches
Western Detecting
Rose Bush Prison
Space, Time and Self
Thank You Card from a Three_Year Old Niece
Eleven London Bridges

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