Cartoon Wheel (1984)

Cartoon Wheel is one of my best CD's. It has two of my best suites on it. The suite Cartoon Wheel shows the exotic nature of the generative aspect of my music at its height. I don't think there is any way a person could have composed these repeating sequences unless that strangeness was a part of their culture. Being a cultural anthropology major for a few semesters when starting college, I really thought that I could write music outside of earth culture by thinking that way. Luckily, the generative sequencer helped me along.

The "Cartoon Wheel" suite was originally titled, "Cartoon Wheel, Life is Not Real" but I was only 22 at this time and I learned soon after that life was indeed real. Still, the original title does take the listener to a world where maybe life does not seem real and something greater stands out.

The "Perseverence Suite" is my longest suite and captures my keyboard technique at it's highest state presently. I of courst hope to be better in the future but being multidisciplinary makes it hard to practice as much as I like.

This CD is the first CD so far that has music from two totally different periods. The first two suites are from the mid-1980's (around 1984) but the "Historicity" tracks are from the 1990s. They could probably use some editing, maybe spacing or rearranging.

Songs from the CD" Cartoon Wheel" by Robert Scott Pearson

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The Brook including Serious Scoping
Perserverance 2
Perserverance 3
Perserverance 4
Perserverance 5
Perserverance 6
Perserverance 7
Perserverance 8
Perserverance 9
Perserverance 10
Perserverance 11
Perserverance 12
Perserverance 13
Antiquity Historicity Ancient Day Linger 1
Antiquity Historicity Ancient Day Linger 2

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